19th Nervous Breakdown

This has been one of those weeks where I feel like I might have a nervous breakdown at any minute. Sometimes, the stress of living in New Orleans really gets to me. It’s just little things—things that really shouldn't bother me, but when you combine them all together, they do.

I waited in line at the grocery store the other night for 30 minutes—just to buy two items. All 12 lanes were open—a minor miracle in itself—but even 12 lanes wasn’t enough to deal with all of the people using one of the two grocery stores that’s open.

Getting around the city feels impossible—the news keeps saying that the population of New Orleans has been reduced by 80%. If so, who in the hell are all of these people driving around? It takes me longer to get to daycare and then to work in the mornings than it ever did pre-Katrina. And the constant detours don’t help matters—I have to take a different route every day, as there are always one or two roads blocked off by construction crews, tree-trimming crews, demolition crews, etc. I suppose it’s good to see progress being made slowly but surely—but sometimes you just want to be able to take a direct route to work.

Sometimes, I feel crazy for living here.