We just heard from my stepfather. Pretty much everything in their house is ruined--they got water up to about three feet on the second floor. Considering that the house is raised off of the ground 15 feet, and water still got into the 2nd floor, that means they had about 35 feet of water in their area. The storm surge went all the way to I-10, which is about six or seven miles inland. Truly amazing to think about.

As far as our house in New Orleans is concerned, still no news other than what we can get off of the internet and television.

Kenny and I are still uncertain as to our long-range plans. I've heard that it could be weeks, if not months, before they can drain all of the water out of the city, just as was predicted in the doomsday scenario before all of this happened. We're debating about whether Kenny should go back in at some point, just to see if any of our sentimental stuff is left.

We all just sit around, dazed, watching the television to catch glimpses of what used to be our home and now looks like some other country. I'm just so thankful that we all got out safely, and my heart aches for the people that are still stuck there with no way out. Needless to say, we're all having our ups and downs each day. I know things are pretty bad right now, but I also know that we'll get through this. And God, how lucky we are that we're all still alive and have a roof over our heads, rather than being trapped in what looks like hell on earth right now.

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