18 Days Away...

It's fast approaching, the one-year anniversary. For a while, the date we dreaded was June 1st--the official start of hurricane season. I know many of us felt a bit queasy this spring as that date approached.

And now it's nervous anticipation of the big one, August 29th. At least we no longer have to cringe at the thought of a comedy night and fireworks, ridiculous and fortunately now-abandoned anniversary ideas put forth by our idiot mayor and his staff. Why in the world would anyone want to mark the anniversary of the deaths of over 1,500 people with fireworks? The mind boggles.

We may, however, have to cringe at the coverage we see of ourselves on the national news. The media, surprisingly, got it mostly right during our first post-K Mardi Gras. Let's hope they do the same for the anniversary. But, of course, the cries of Katrina fatigue from uncharitable people in other parts of the country will begin anew....

I don't know how I'll spend August 29th. I already have an aversion to that date anyway, as it was my brother Charles' birthday. He died in 2001, so every August 29th since then has been spent worrying about my parents and thinking about Charles.

This year, we'll all be grieving. Thank god there won't be fireworks.

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