I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, but E has developed a fear of the dark and has started having nightmares. At first, it was standard, run-of-the-mill stuff that would scare a two-year-old, like tigers, monsters, etc. But the past two nights, she's woken up screaming bloody murder saying that a crawfish is trying to attack her feet. The best we can figure out is that this sudden fear has to do with the crawfish she saw painted on the side of a seafood store on Jefferson Highway. I guess crawfish are pretty scary when they're six feet tall. Ah, New Orleans--even more things to scare a toddler than your average town!


mominem said...

The best antidote for that is to suck da' heads.

a said...

So true--and as I'm raising a yat, I'm sure she'll be a crawfish eating pro by the time she's five.

My father's idea wins the prize--he thinks we should put a live crawfish in E's bed, then have my husband make a big show of finding it, cooking it and eating it. An interesting suggestion, but I think I'll pass.