Happy Valentine's Day

It's been a busy Valentine's Day so far, and it's only 8:30. I finally got E off to school with all of her lollipop Valentines for classmates still intact, after much negotiating. I feel sorry for the teachers at daycare today--they have a long day ahead of them of trying to keep the kids from inhaling candy all day. One of E's friends was sobbing when we got there because the teacher wouldn't let her eat her candy for breakfast. Teachers, both at daycare and of older children, have my greatest admiration.

Then, driving down Jefferson Avenue on my way to work, I saw three hand-lettered signs in the neutral ground. The first one said "I love my wife" and got me thinking "Oh, how sweet. I wish K would do something like that for me." Then I came to the second sign, which said "Then why did I hit her?" and the third sign, that said "I need to change." Well, alrighty then--never mind on wishing my husband would do something like that for me.

Finally, I got into work this morning and had this email waiting for me from my mom. I really do think I have one of the best mothers in the world--if I can do half as good a job of making sure E always knows that she's loved and supported, I think I will have done pretty well.

It's the official "I Love You" day, and I woke up thinking about those I love. I feel so very blessed to have such wonderful daughters - and sons-in-law. You are my friends and confidants, my support and encouragement when I'm down, and my enthusiastic well-wishers when times are good. I'm aware that you're always there, always ready to grieve or celebrate with me - or otherwise just to share in life. I appreciate all of you and I love you. Be loving with one another and have a wonderful day. Love, Mom

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody.

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