Point, Louisiana

Kenny and I have a game we like to play called "Whose Native State is More Embarrassing?" Each time your native state does something incredibly stupid, it gets a point. Bonus points if whatever your state does is so bad it makes the national news.

It all started one night when we were watching a History Channel special on the Klan. Early on in the show, they mentioned that the Klan had originally started in Louisiana; needless to say, I was all over Kenny about his racist, backward-ass state. About 20 minutes later, they mentioned that the Klan had all but died out at one point but then gained a resurgence during the Civil Rights movement.....in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

There have been many, many points awarded to both sides along the way. But Louisiana, I think you've most definitely earned a point with this story. Good God. How appalling can you get? Kenny called me the minute he saw the news, ranting about how some idiots were once again giving Louisiana a bad name. All I could tell him was that the story broke on the same day as the balloon boy ridiculousness, so maybe this appalling story would get passed over in favor of poor little Falcon Heene. Unfortunately, as we all know, that wasn't the case. So all I can say is--point, Louisiana.

But don't feel too bad--I'm still trying to live down the Waffle House wedding. By the way--the name of the Georgia town where this took place is Dacula. It is not, in fact, pronounced as if it rhymes with Dracula--it's pronouned DaCOOlah. Like "da beer is in da coolah." I know this because we found it hysterical when driving through this town when I was in college.

By the way--if you click on the Waffle House wedding link, do NOT leave without watching the slide show at the bottom of the story. Trust me--it's worth your while.

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Kelly said...

I watched the slide show. Is there such a thing as a "left handed photograph?" That photographer sure had an agenda and I liked it :)