Conversations With A Six-Year-Old, Volume 1

This conversation took place at my office, during my own version of "take your daughter to work day."

Me: Okay, Emmeline, it's 1:00. You've done a great job of entertaining yourself while I worked, so let's go have some lunch.

E: Great, Mommy! Did you bring a lunchbox?

Me: Um, no--I thought we could go out to lunch. To a restaurant.

E: To a restaurant? What about your boss?

Me: What do you mean, what about my boss?

E: You mean, he just lets you leave? To go eat? And he doesn't get mad?

Me: Err, yes--he just lets me go eat lunch.

E: Without asking?

Me: Yes.

E: Wow! I would so be in trouble if I tried that at school!

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