Auld Lang Syne

I officially gave up making resolutions, or at least big, supposed-to-change-your-life resolutions, when 2011 rolled around. I tried (unsuccessfully) to quit smoking during 2010 (and 2001; and 2005). Failed. I've made the this-is-the-year-I'm-finally-going-to-lose-some-weight resolution more years than I can count. Big resolutions like that seem to set me up for nothing other than failure. (And 2011, by the way, the first year I resolved not to resolve anything, is the year I finally got with the program and lost 25 pounds--go figure.)

So as 2011 left and 2012 arrived, I resolved again to stay away from resolutions. But then I realized, after looking at the pictures I took on New Year's Eve, that I have one resolution that has been a part of my life for 10+ years and that I plan to keep for good. It's an excellent way to start the new year off , and I swear, if nothing else, it makes you feel happy for years to come.

Design and wear a tin foil hat.* Not a "the government is coming to get me and it's a conspiracy" sort of hat. Just a hat that you personally design and model for the rest of the evening using nothing but tin foil (no scissors, no tape, no props, no magic markers--unless you're six). Yes, I know, it sounds ridiculous. Everyone gives me weird looks when I tell them about my and some family members' and friends' NYE tradition.** But it works. And it's fun. And it's hysterical. And you would be amazed at the creations that people will come up with, once they get over the geeky-ness of making a hat out of tin foil. Sure, they'll scoff at you at first and tell you there's no way in hell that they're going to walk around all night with tin foil on their heads.

But then the first hat gets made.

And then the second and third.

And the fourth (complete with leg warmers).

And before you know it, the dog wants a hat.

And the people who were protesting the most are madly fashioning hats (and outfits) out of tin foil. And you're among friends, family, or other people you love, laughing hysterically at the newest creation. And you're a little bit amazed by your friends' creativity, with nothing other than tin foil. And if nothing else, when you wake up hungover on New Year's Day, you have a memory that will last you at least a couple of weeks....

....Of your friends, setting off fireworks, wearing hats made out of tin foil.

*Yes, yes, I know I'm weird. Hopefully you're not just now discovering this.
**It all started about 10 years ago when my sister and I were at a NYE party and realized that there were no party hats or noisemakers. We went into the kitchen and pulled out tin foil. Voila. Drinking helps.

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