Dear 2012

You know what? So far, you really suck and have me on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Is this what you had in mind? Is this payback for not (really) believing in that whole Mayan calendar thing:?

Let's recount what's happened so far this year, shall we? On day what, 39 or something? Of 365?

My house was broken into and all of my jewelry was stolen.

The New Orleans murder rate is on pace so far to record possibly more murders in one year than there are days on the calendar. (We're number one!)

One of my closest friends got to watch her father die after a week-long stay in the hospital.

My father is descending into financial ruin, thanks for the most part to the ever-downward-spiraling real estate market and, in equal parts, to my batshit-crazy ex-stepmother.

My uncle was admitted into the hospital today with respiratory problems and is now on a ventilator, unable to breathe on his own.

I know these mostly qualify as white girl problems, but they're taking a toll, nonetheless.


chrissie said...

Ugh, I'm sorry!! That is just awful. Hang in there.

barbawit said...

Not just a white girl problem, my 2011 was like that. Through all the bad experiences and my reaction to them I became a better person. You have to get up every day and say to yourself that today will be better than yesterday.