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Thank you, Facebook, for making this hurricane a much more enjoyable experience, since I was able to communicate with friends and family the entire time, even when we were without power for almost a week. Obviously, I didn't blog during that time, so here's an FB account of how I spent my hurrication.

(And true confession time: I am an extremely sarcastic person--not in a mean way--just in a dry humor sort of way. It's an inherited trait and/or survival skill I got from my father. And besides, w hat else is there to do while waiting for a hurricane/riding out a hurricane than exercise your somewhat odd sense of humor online? 

August 25
If I were a meteorologist, I would call it the CONE OF DOOM just to make things more fun.

August 26
Shit. I guess I'm buying batteries and beer today.

I just heard that Jim Cantore is headed this way. Y'all know that means we're all going to die, right?

August 27
Oh, fabulous. Our generator is broken.

What would Cantore do?

Do beer cans counts as projectiles?

August 28
If you're not in NOLA, everything is fine here. We won't get the strongest winds until later on tonight. Do not, I repeat, do NOT believe any Armageddon type reporting you may hear on the national news. I'm looking at you, Cantore.

Kenny and I have decided that the city should host a parade during the time when we're all just sitting around in our houses waiting for a hurricane to make landfall. They could throw MREs and candles and batteries. It would be awesome, and what could possibly go wrong?

And we will call it, the Krewe of Discordia.

Uh oh, the flooding in our house has begun. Oh wait, no, the cat just knocked a glass of water on the floor. My bad. God, I'm bored.

I think the weather forecasters may have been right with that "windy" forecast for the day.

My biggest regret is that I'm missing the Republican National Convention. Damn you, Isaac!

Margaret Orr just said she's getting phone call complaints from people who haven't felt the effects of the storm yet.

Oh my god, Fox 8 just showed a roof blowing off. It was plastic sheeting on a greenhouse, but still.....

I tried finding out what else is going on in the world, but no one seems to be covering anything but Isaac. If we go to war or if Rafalca stages a coup or something, could someone let me know? Kthxbye.

BREAKING: there's a PUDDLE in the French Quarter. If you're not watching CNN right now, you're missing comedy gold.

Fine, fine--I'm coming in off the porch so I don't "put my eye out" on a "projectile."


August 29
Power went out around 5 a.m. Sounds like we'll be stuck in the hurricane conditions for another 24 hours because it's moving so slowly. Other than that, we're okay.

The only radio stations we can pick up are WWL and Sean Hannity. #killmenow.

Chili dogs for lunch. Because they're marginally better than MREs.

Dear people calling WWL: Entergy knows your power is out; they're not going to send someone to your house just because you called the radio station to give Spud your address and ask him to send Entergy over.

This is already getting old. One can only watch the wind blow for so long.

Happy Katrinaversary!

It's a bit pathetic when the most exciting part of your day is sitting in the car, enjoying the air conditioning, while your phone charges.

Apparently, hell will consist of being stuck in a tropical storm. And volleyball. And smooth jazz.

Things are looking pretty dire here. We're almost out of beer.

Kenny sucks at charades. AND I'M IN HELL.

August 30
Just had quite the adventure at the grocery store. Ice is more valuable than gold.

How did anyone live before air conditioning existed? Stupid pioneers.

August 31
You know what I was just thinking I've missed? Rain. Haven't had nearly enough of that lately. And wind.

I'm not cut out for this no electricity and no generator thing.

Dinner time. Time for another sandwich in the dark! MREs, I take back what I said about you. 

September 1

For those of you playing at home, it's 88 degrees in our house. Time to get the hell out of dodge. Heading to a friend's house.

Just passed a convoy of bucket trucks heading NORTH. 

September 2

It's comical and frightening at the same time: Cooling Center loses Power 

September 3
I don't think I've ever been so happy to have electricity again. That was a long week. Note to self: make Kenny check the generator BEFORE the storm gets to Cuba next time.

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Kelly said...

Oy vey. Maybe we can have another national debate as to whether or not Mardi Gras should be cancelled.