Faerie Folk

Kenny and I were talking about Alan Richman tonight, as he spoke at the conference Kenny went to in NYC last week. I would still very much like to give Alan Richman a very hearty f*ck you, with some demonstrative hand signals thrown in for good measure, almost 10 years after his review of post-Katrina New Orleans. His reviews are equivalent to kicking a dying puppy.

"During my time in New Orleans, I sought to keep some perspective. For example, when the sommelier at August brought me an incorrect vintage of the wine I’d ordered, I tried not to be too distressed, knowing that somewhere in the Lower Ninth Ward a house was sitting atop a car. Yet it’s important to come to a tough decision about New Orleans, because it’s going to cost Iraq-magnitude money to get this place back to where it was or, better yet, where it should have been."

I hope that the "faerie folk," aka Creoles, kick his ass at some point.

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