I'm done.

I'm done with everyone's racist, misogynistic, nationalistic, homophobic bullshit.

I honestly thought we were making progress--that we were maybe one or two more generations away from true progressivism, from caring about our fellow men and women, from wanting everyone to have dignity and quality of life.

I see now that I was naive. I see now that I was vastly wrong. We weren't. The haters and the racists and the misogynists and the homophobes were right there all along, marinating in their anger and resentment, lying in wait, to take their fucking country back to the goddamn dark ages.

My heart grieves for my daughter, who will now grow up in a vastly different world than the one I wanted for her. My heart grieves for my friends and for my fellow countrymen, whether they are "documented" or not, who are rightly terrified now because Trump singled them out as "other."

My heart grieves for all of us. Except for the fuckers who did this to us. I hope they reap what they sow. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better--but today, I want to burn it all down.

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