Ben Harper

K and I caught the Ben Harper concert on Directv the other night. K first discovered him at Bonnaroo about five years ago, and we've been huge fans ever since. It's always surprised me that he's not more popular than he is, given how incredible he is. Reminds me of John Boutte and Ingrid Lucia, in that I think he's vastly underappreciated. (Speaking of which, K severely pissed off Ingrid Lucia when we saw her at the Banks Street Bar and Grill, sans electricity, a few months after Katrina, when he told her she was underrated. He meant it in a good way, but she didn't take it that way. A few less beers on his part probably would've helped him get his point across.)

If you have Directv and haven't seen Harper, check him out--he's an incredible live performer. Channel 334 tomorrow night at 11:00.

Here's a youtube clip:

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