It Is To Laugh

I mean, really--can there be any other response at this point, upon discovering that the COE allowed a floodwall to be stuffed with newspaper rather than the rubber joint that's supposed to, um, you know, help keep the city from flooding?

The best part was on WWL radio this afternoon, when COE Colonel Jeffrey Bedey said it was just a temporary fix (that's been there for two years) and that the really important part of the floodwall is the waterstop, which is on the inside of the floodwall (presumably underneath several layers of newspaper). Bedey went on to explain that the only purpose of the rubber joint (that they didn't put in) is to protect the waterstop by making sure it doesn't get wet or dirty. Oh. Well, then--I feel much better. Because everyone knows about the amazing powers of newspaper to keep things from getting wet or dirty.

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