Conversations With a Four-Year-Old, Volume Six

E: Mommy, where do you think unicorns come from? Because I think they come from Texas!

Me: Really? How come?

E: Well, I've never seen any unicorns in New Orleans or in Georgia, so they must all be in Texas.

Me: Hmm. Maybe so.

E: Mommy, how come some caterpillars turn into butterflies and some turn into moths?

Me: Um, because some caterpillars are moth caterpillars and some are butterfly caterpillars?

E: Mommy, when you eat a chicken leg, is that bone part of its skeleton?

Me: Yes, dear. Bones are part of a skeleton.

E: Mommy, why are pigeons afraid of owls?

Me: Because owls like to eat pigeons.

E: But that owl at your work isn't real. Why do the pigeons still get scared of him?

Me: Because pigeons aren't real smart.

E: Mommy, can pigeons talk?

Me: Well, they can coo, so that's their way of talking to each other.

E: Mommy, do I sometimes ask a lot of questions?

Me: Yes dear, sometimes.

E: Mommy, is it okay if I stop asking questions now?

Me: Yes, sweetie. That's fine.

E: Good. Because my mouth needs a rest.

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Kelly said...

Addy has started in with the constant questions. I've started implementing "Mommy quiet time" when she can talk all she wants as long as she knows I'm not going to answer her. I just get so sick of the sound of my own voice.