Indian Red

For the first time since moving to New Orleans, I went to "chase Indians" with a group of friends last Saturday night for St. Joseph's Day.

There wasn't much chasing involved, as it turned out. We didn't have to do much other than stand around near the corner of Dryades and Third Streets, with tons of other people, and wait for the Indians to come to us.

And come to us, they did. Tribe after tribe, each Big Chief's costume as elaborate and beautiful as the one before it. It's amazing to me that we have people in this city so willing to dedicate as much time, effort, and money as it takes to make one of these gorgeous, awe-inspiring costumes. It was definitely one of those "only in New Orleans" kind of nights. Pretty, pretty.


Anonymous said...

Oh you are right they are so beautiful! I know all about St Joseph's day because not only is it a sacred day for the Italians but my Czech mother also considers it a special day for her heritage. She is turning 85 next month and all she wants is one last trip to the city she always yearns for...so we are taking her there to visit with my brother and walk the wonderful streets and have a muffelata at Napoleon's and caffe a lait at Dumonde's and of course ride the trolley. April in NOLA is going to be beautiful also!!!

Anonymous said...

above comment from Kathy in DSM