The Equivalent of Eating What?

Wow. This is the fine quality programming that Fox has come up with to replace Glen Beck? And, as has been asked on the internets, why is it equivalent to eating a live raccoon? WTF is that about? Because our first lady is African American and therefore must eat live critters? So first your argument is that she would eat a live raccoon and then your argument is that she's elitist because she got her hamburger from some fancy-shmancy place with hand-blended shakes rather than McDonald's? And then you take offense to the fact that oh my God, the First Lady's platform is trying to reduce childhood obesity and she had the gall to eat a cheeseburger?

Oh, Fox News. "The Five" are quite the brain trust, aren't they?

H/T, Balloon Juice


Anonymous said...

umm what about eating live critters says black people to you? even in the worst stereotypes I've never come across that one lol I mean if you wanted to go with the whole "coon" angle I'd totally get it...but eating it live is what crossed the racial line? Racism is always harmful which is probably why it's so funny, but making up new racist myths? tsk tsk

ALM said...

I think that was kind of my point, as in why are the people at Fox News equivocating the calories in the First Lady's meal to those of eating a live animal? Why are they trying to get that image into their viewers' heads? It's just strange and weird. And, in my opinion, it's because the people at Fox News are race-baiting, dog-whistle-blowing assholes.