Conversations With A Four-Year-Old, Volume Eight

This conversation took place while Emmeline was playing with one of my old Barbie dolls from the 70's, who is, apparently, an Orca by today's Barbie figure standards and doesn't fit into half of the new Barbie clothes.

E: Mommy, some of my Barbies are really fat.

Me: What?

E: Yeah, some of them are really fat and can't fit into these clothes. See? Her tummy is sticking out of this shirt.

Me: Wow. You're right--those clothes don't fit my old Barbie at all, do they?

E: No. But that's okay. Because having your tummy stick out of your clothes like that makes you look like a rock star!

Okay, now I'm off to write a letter to Mattel about what they're doing to little girls' conceptions of what their bodies should look like....

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