The good news? Emmeline got accepted into the new magnet school for advanced studies in Jefferson Parish. The bad news? It's in Airline Park.

I don't think there's really any way in hell I'm going to be happy driving E out to Airline Park every day and then picking her up again in the afternoons. That is just way. Too. Far.

Kenny and I had a long talk about it tonight. Even though we're about 99.99% sure that we do NOT want to deal with getting E there and back every day, at the same time, it's very hard to just walk away from free tuition. That would be a savings of $700 per month. $700 a month we could definitely put to good use. I think Kenny is more for the idea than I am. I also think a big part of that has to do with the fact that he knows that I'd be the one responsible for getting E there and back the large majority of the time.

But as I told Kenny, I don't want to move to Airline Park. I don't want to move to Metairie. If we could have gotten E into the magnet school in Old Metairie, I would've considered that, because that would've meant we could stay in Old Jefferson. But she didn't get in there, not surprisingly.

Did I mention that I don't want to move to Airline Park? Or to Metairie? No offense to the people who live there--it's just not for me.

To be quite honest, I have my heart set on moving back into the city. To Lakeview, specifically, as I've recently discovered that there are still houses to be had at a somewhat affordable price there. (It might have something to do with all of the flooded and gutted houses that remain there.) And if we moved back into the city to Lakeview, E could go to Hynes. Or, since I'm an employee of a certain university that has priority at Lusher, she could probably go there.

But do we give up the sure thing of free tuition in Airline Park, even if I can't see myself being happy living out there? I don't want to enroll her in a school out there for a couple of years and then decide that we're moving back into the city limits and move her to yet another school. I'd rather just keep on paying tuition at her current school, even though, once again, we could really use that money. So if we move her to Airline Park, I feel like we have to be willing to move to that area. But if we don't move her there and take a gamble that we'll be able to get a house back in the city again and get her in one of the good public schools there and that falls through, then what?



esphixiet said...

Sounds like you're answering your own question. Since it will be up to you to do the drive, and you don't want to do that drive, or move to the area to be closer to the school, PLUS you're thinking about going in a totally opposite direction in a relatively short period of time, sounds like you would rather stick it out until an opportunity more suited to your family's lifestyle presents itself...
Just sayin'

Emi Leigh said...

Emmeline is such a pretty name. Just thought I'd say that. And good luck with your predicament.

esphixiet said...

Psst! I've nominated you for an award!
Check out my post here: http://esphixiet.blogspot.com/2010/04/honest-scrap-award-and-some-musings-on.html
Feel free, not obligated, to accept and pass it on yourself!

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