One day, I will convince those of you who don't live in NOLA that real Mardi Gras isn't about drunk tourists baring it all for cheap plastic beads on Bourbon Street. It's about drunk locals waving their arms and screaming "heeeeyyyyyyyy" (whilst fully clothed) for cheap plastic beads on St. Charles Avenue. And the marching bands. And the bagpipes. And the floats. And the friends. And all together, that's why we love PARADES. If you need me for the next 12 days, I'll be on the neutral ground at St. Charles and Eighth. PARADES!!!



Okay, here's the thing. I know there are a lot of jerks out there who use their Bible (or Quaran or Tanakh or any other religious text) to justify their rights to be bigoted, intolerant assholes. I don't like them, either. But at the risk of coming off as a whiny #notallchristians post, it does get a bit tiresome being lumped in with the haters all of the time. I'm about as flaming liberal as I can get. I also believe in God. The god I believe in isn't Santa Claus, and hedoesn't have any interest in who wins the Super Bowl or Survivor or finding your lost iPad. He's also not spending all of his time damning people to hell for their sins, bc I don't believe in hell. My God is, however, a source of comfort to me, as is my belief that we have souls that continue after this life is over--in what realm or plain, I have no idea. And I get that--my faith is just a source of comfort to ME. I'm fairly certain none of my friends who are atheist or agnostic would ever say I've tried to convert them to my way of thinking. But as another friend posted recently, it does feel lately as though if I admit to having a faith, I'm opening myself up to ridicule. We don't all suck, okay? And I will never, nor have I ever, told E she has to be good bc SIN. And I still love a good sacrilegious joke. Peace.